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Ignis Perfecta Done

The IGNIS PERFECTA is also available pre-assembled – we call this variant DONE. The advantage of this option is its extraordinary weather resistance and the fact that you can start preparing your favourite food immediately. In addition, you can choose for free the type of oven entrance you prefer, i. e. artificial sandstone, brown cladding or other colours.

You can choose from four basic colours to clad your oven entrance. Photos of the cladding are at the bottom of the page.

A standard part of the delivery is a fold-down table in front of the oven entrance. If you are not interested in the table you will get a 1000 CZK discount.

Another option is to have the IGNIS PERFECTA installed at place you have pre-prepared (pergola, summer kitchen, within the home, cottage or cabin). Using our manual, any averagely capable handyman or woman can install an IGNIS oven, but if necessary we will be happy to help you out with a full installation. Upon request, we are able to manufacture and deliver other versions according to your own ideas. Do not hesitate to ask our specialists for a price quote.

Delivery contains:

  • 11 high-temperature concrete parts
  • Metal table
  • Metal door
  • Complete kit for building insulation around the oven:
    • insulating biomat
    • reflective aluminium foil
    • heat insulating perlite-cement coat
    • heat resistant armouring fabric
    • penetrative coating
    • external structured coloured plaster of your choice
    • portal cladding
    • flexible adhesive
    • oven thermometer
    • a basic chimney

Price on request at your dealer