Ignis Panem

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Ovens for baking bread and other food

Our IGNIS ovens strive to continue this long lineage and to offer you ever more inspiration for baking bread and other food.

Our company – ALFA HEAT CZ, s.r.o. – manufactures these ovens at our factory in beautiful Telč, where besides enjoying the picturesque historic city centre, you can also come and see IGNIS ovens. You can find us at Na Posvátné 181, right on the main Brno – České Budějovice road in the building of the former Malírna.

The high-temperature concrete we manufacture has two major qualities::

  • Great heat accumulation ability
  • High mechanical firmness

Thanks to these two qualities it is able to achieve excellent results when baking bread, pizza, meat, fish, chicken and other food – with only minimal consumption of wood (dry hardwood is recommended; the best is beech or birch).
And what is more, food baked in an IGNIS oven keeps its natural taste.
Take a long look at the flames through an open oven door and you will surely find inspiration for years to come…

The body of the oven is assembled from 11 high-temperature concrete bricks. The sides of these bricks are designed to lock together so you can assemble the oven very quickly and simply without any special equipment or adhesive and mounting devices.