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Thank you for your interest in our IGNIS ovens. Here are the most interesting questions you have asked…

What is the oven made of?

The basic body is made of 11 high-temperature concrete bricks that we ourselves manufacture. Other materials used for insulation around the oven are: thick aluminium foil, insulating biomat, heat insulating perlite-cement coat with a heat resistant armouring fabric inside it. Then there is the penetrative coating, and after that an external structured coloured plaster.

How do you build and feed the fire?

You make the fire through the oven entrance, the same one you then use for bread, pizza, and other food.

How long does it take to heat the oven?

It depends on the type of wood – we recommend only using dry beech or birch. Heating takes about an hour. If you want to bake bread it may take two hours, but it invariably comes down to your experience, skill, the size and mass of food, etc.

How do I start the fire in the oven?

Dry chips and paper are best. It is also possible to use a small quantity of solid fire-lighter. Liquid fire-lighters are not recommended.

What food can I prepare in the oven?

Bread, pizza, cakes, pies, various meats, fish, sausages, etc.

Can I prepare food right on the bottom of the oven?

Yes, you can bake bread and pizza right on the bottom of the oven. The material used for body surface is certified for direct contact with a food. Meat should be prepared on stainless-steel grills or in cast iron or Roman pots. We can also use enamel and ceramic pots.

How do I measure the temperature in the oven?

Numerous thermometers exist for different types of use and for different temperature ranges, e.g. free-standing, probe, laser and others. It always depends on how they are used.

What is the ideal temperature for baking meat, bread and pizza?

When roasting meat we recommend using a stainless-steel grill, which we also deliver. In this case you should move the fire in the oven to one side or towards the back and put the grill with the meat in the middle of the oven. Check the meat from time to time – roasting time depends on the type and thickness of the meat.

For baking bread the temperature in the oven should not be higher than 240°C: bake it for approximately 20 minutes at this temperature and then decrease the temperature (by spreading the cinders or by covering the bread) to 160-180°C and bake it for about one hour. Flip the bread over from time to time.

A pizza that is about 5-10 mm thick is done in 2-4 minutes. We recommended turning it round after 1-2 minutes.

How do you clean and maintain the oven?

We recommend you sweep out the cinders from the oven using a broom after it has cooled down. If the oven is still hot – the accumulated heat has not dispersed – you can use, for example, a broom with bristles of soft metal wires.

Does an IGNIS PERFECTA DONE oven need a roof over it?

No, the coating is waterproof provided you use a stainless-steel chimney.