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Ovens for baking bread, pizza and other food

Do you dream about baking your own bread with a crispy crust? Are you into juicy steaks? Do your kids love homemade pizza? Do you want to return to the traditions of your grandparents and bake a healthy meal right in the oven next to a burning fire? You can prepare all these meals and many others in your own IGNIS oven!

We have drawn on long experience in refractory technology and practical skills gained in food industry technology – especially with ovens from restaurants and bakeries – to help us develop IGNIS ovens.

Bread has been a basic staple of our diet throughout human history – from the dawn of time through to today. Ancient Sumerians judged bread to have a soul, in Mesopotamia bread was part of the hieroglyphic symbol for food, and bread and life are the same words in Arabic. If the French want to pay a compliment, they say that so-and-so is as good as bread. The importance of bread is also clearly illustrated in the old Slavic custom of greeting a guest with bread and salt. The history of bread is rich, long, and inspiring.